Support – culinary guidance

Make your event / project shine with our personalised approach from start to finish

Creative Brainstorming Session

Together, we bring ideas to life and lay the foundations for an unforgettable event. We work around the theme, address culinary requirements and set clear objectives.

Menu proposal

We create a menu proposal that fits seamlessly with the agreed theme. Our experts select wines, beers and drinks that optimise the taste experience. Prior to the event, we conduct tastings and test cooking sessions to ensure perfection. Technical sheets with detailed information on ingredients, cost and recipes are carefully compiled.

Hands- on preparation

We ensure flawless preparation by meticulously following up on orders and materials, ensuring your event kicks off with the right ingredients.Follow-up:Our dedication continues with tracking ordered materials and coordinating staff. Everything is carefully monitored to ensure seamless execution.

Personal Guidance

I am by your side before and during the event. From staff briefing to overall coordination and supervision of service, we ensure flawless execution. Our final control of the dishes guarantees an impeccable culinary experience for your guests