Our services

Our services

Right from the very start we can help you develop your business or catering project, choosing suppliers together, developing a menu and/or dishes,
organising the HACCP guidelines, or optimising purchasing, and setting realistic goals.
In addition, we would love to offer our support during events and festivals.
Basically: we use a no-nonsense approach to support and advise you and your team.
Start-up guidance

From the design phase to the opening day, we can provide guidance regarding your concept.

We help you in topics such as:

  • Concept development,
  • A purchasing policy (choosing suppliers), HACCP norms and plan,
  • Allergy plan
  • Staff selection, training and coaching
  • Creating a food and drinks menu according to the agreement
  • Food and drink cost calculation
  • Choosing the ingredients and finalising the purchasing policy
  • Creating technical and recipe files

We help you to make the whole image work, so that you can focus on the opening day.

Do not hesitate to ask for more information

Culinary guidance

Restaurant Audit

Analysis of the menu and evaluation of the concept. Evaluation and development of the business culinary concept. Evaluation and/or reorganisation of the teams and tasks.

  • Preparing and creating the dishes
  • Preparing recipes according to business requirements and the concept (e.g. allergies and/or diet etc).
  • Drawing up the technical files (ingredients/cost/recipes) for the preparation
  • Follow-up and adjustment of the kitchen team.
  • Guidance for the chef & kitchen team
  • Training on kitchen techniques
  • Training on cooking processes
  • Presentation and packaging
  • Quality control
  • Quality control in the kitchen, whether it is expected or not
  • Product and process analysis.

Menu engineering, Purchasing optimisation, Calculating food and beverage costs, Creating technical files Restaurant management, Staff management

Cooking and storage techniques

Hygiene audit

The Commodities Act requires that we meet the highest hygiene standards regarding preparation, handling, storage and transport of food and drink commodities. Upon request, we can carry out a HACCP Audit or Analysis, give advice regarding the follow-up of hygiene rules, as well as a training to inform staff regarding the risks and possible measures that may be necessary to prevent issues regarding HACCP.

Conducting a check

Training staff about HACCP.

Analysis of the general company and hygiene process.

Providing guidelines for personal hygiene. Evaluation of the system in place for the storage of goods.

Suitability and maintenance of equipment and buildings. Waste processing and pest control plan.

Then we draw up our conclusions and recommendations and report these results and we also propose improvements that could be made.

Culinary event

Brainstorming and finalising the concept and/or theme

Deciding on the theme, culinary desires and objectives of the event

Implementing and supporting the idea
Creating a menu proposal according to the theme agreed upon. Choosing the appropriate wines/beers/drinks.

Tasting and test cooking certain dishes.

Creating technical files (ingredients/cost/recipes) for the dishes.

Preparing orders.

Following-up on material ordered and staff.

Guidance before and during the event

Presence during the staff briefing.

General coordination of staff during the event.

Supervision when serving and doing the final check of the dishes.