Culinary advice

My Core Activities

Paving the way for success.

Seamless guidance for your concept, from the exciting design phase to opening!

We support you in various areas, including:
* Concept development: We bring your ideas to life.
* Procurement: Smart choices in suppliers for success.
* Staff selection and coaching: Build the perfect team.
* Menu and beverage cards: Irresistible creations tailored to your business
* Food and beverage cost calculation: Optimise profitability.
* Ingredient selection and purchasing policy: Quality comes first.
* Technical and recipe sheets: Efficiency down to the last detail.
* HACCP standards and planning: Guarantee safety and quality.
* Allergen plan: Take everyone’s needs into account.

From A to Z, we take charge so that you can look forward to the opening with full confidence. Need more information? Feel free to ask your questions!

Sharpening your talents for maximum impact.

Culinary Innovation: Transform your menu and redefine the culinary concept. We fine-tune and develop the tasteful identity of your establishment, with an eye for detail and guest satisfaction.

Gastronomic Leadership: We set the tone by creating and executing irresistible dishes. Tailored to your establishment’s needs and unique concept, including careful attention to allergens and diets. Technical sheets, with essential information such as ingredients, cost price and recipes, are the key to success. I also guide and direct the kitchen team for flawless execution.

Guidance: An experienced chef and kitchen team are the backbone of your restaurant. I offer tailored guidance, including in-service training in the latest kitchen techniques. From cooking processes to presentation and packaging, together with your team we take the culinary experience to new heights.

Quality monitoring: give your kitchen a quality boost! Our unexpected, but constructive, quality checks ensure a consistently top-notch experience for every guest. Detailed product and process analyses guarantee that your restaurant always maintains the highest standards.

Maximise efficiency, minimise costs.

Menu-Engineering: Together, we transform your menu into a masterpiece, not only creating honest dishes, but also strategically optimising for profitability and customer satisfaction.

Procurement optimisation: Don’t let costs take over. Our experts provide a thoughtful procurement strategy, allowing you to source high-quality ingredients at the best prices.
Food and Beverage Cost: Maximise profit and efficiency through detailed analysis of food and beverage cost. We provide insights that result in healthy financial returns.

Technical Sheets: Our precisely prepared technical sheets ensure consistent quality, from ingredients to preparation, bringing your culinary vision to life with every meal.
Restaurant management: Let us take the helm in restaurant management. We coordinate and streamline daily operations, allowing you to focus on what really matters – creating an unforgettable dining experience.

Staff Management: Our experts lead and inspire your team, resulting in a cohesive and productive workforce.

Whenever you need it, we like to put our hands and assist you in the kitchen

Let your event/project shine with our personalised approach from start to finish:

Creative Brainstorming Session:Together, we bring ideas to life and lay the foundations for an unforgettable event. We work around the theme, address culinary requirements and set clear objectives.

Menu proposal: We create a menu proposal that fits seamlessly with the agreed theme. Our experts select wines, beers and drinks that optimise the taste experience. Prior to the event, we conduct tastings and test cooking sessions to ensure perfection. Technical sheets with detailed information on ingredients, cost and recipes are carefully compiled.

Hands- on preparation:We ensure flawless preparation by meticulously following up on orders and materials, ensuring your event kicks off with the right ingredients.Follow-up:Our dedication continues with tracking ordered materials and coordinating staff. Everything is carefully monitored to ensure seamless execution.

Personal Guidance: I am by your side before and during the event. From staff briefing to overall coordination and supervision of service, we ensure flawless execution. Our final control of the dishes guarantees an impeccable culinary experience for your guests


Development chef

Recipe development and food development are the backbone of success for any business in the food and hospitality sector, and we take this task extremely seriously. Driven by our passion for (culinary ) innovation and artisanal products, we act as the catalyst for creation.
We go beyond mere recipe development;
we strive to work with you from the very first idea to full elaboration.

With dedication and expertise, we use our knowledge
to create unique, distinctive products and recipes.

I firmly believe that I can help your business.
Together, we will build a tasty future for your brand!